Flake was inspired by the snowflake.

None resembles another. All different ! is the motto of snowflakes. Yet apparently, nothing looks more like a snowflake another flake. And while it might be possible to collect millions of flakes and find two identical, there will be a remarkable variety of shapes and sizes.

Well this is by making a parallel with the world of work, I wanted to create this company and give it the name Flake Technology Consulting.

In FTC each FT Consultant is unique and we consider its environment to define with him the best working conditions. Unlike big companies advice we highlight the human aspect.

FTC aim to remain a human and innovative sized company. Especially in terms of technology but also in industrial processes, and communication technologies.

Comment développer votre commerce aux E.A.U. ?

Depuis des années nous avons établis un réseau sécurisé et de confiance aux Emirats Arabes Unies. Aujourd'hui nous pouvons vous proposer de vous accompagner dans vos démarches pour l'intégration du marché des Emirats Arabes Unies.
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