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FTC Dubai
In contact for many years with the company Emirates4u we have created great opportunities for our European customers.

We operate in the following sectors

  • Consulting

We have created a bridge between Lyon and Dubai is a bridge that enables recruiters to be able to position themselves on multiple profiles.
The profiles have presented a minimum of +5 with and some international experience.
Our FT Consultants specialized in the Industrial Engineering sector, Supply Chain and IT, will be happy to accompany you in your projects

  • Business Packaging

We assist small and large companies to develop their turnover internationally. We will make a Tecnical complete study of your needs and your product on the United Arab Emirates.

Our influential connections on the Emirate ensures security and serenity work for interests of our customers, both administratively and financially

FTC Saudi
For two years now, we are positioned on the construction market and the financial sector in Riyadh

S.A.N.G. project 2 Construction Project issued by the Riyadh Saudi Arabia National Guard
Residential Construction Project: Construction project on Riyadh issued by the Habitat ministry

Our Role:

  • Feasibility study
  • Realization specifications
  • European search companies
  • Due Diligence and qualification
  • complete assistance to signing contracts
  • ...

FTC Africa
We carry the monitored infrastructure projects, raw materials and financial in Africa.
We work with state companies and departmental offices, which recognized our expertise.

  • Positioning european companies in the infrastructure market in sub Saharan countries (Ghana / Republic of Sudan / Republic of Congo / Mauritania)
  • Assist African countries in the financial market by european banks (Letter of Credit / Guarantee Sovereign / Bank Guarantee / loan Certification against state gold)


The Koditrace company specialized in the field of secure, real-time universal traceability.

Rosch Innovation specializes in the area of electrical energy and new to the natural resource base technologies.


World Global Trading is a company active in the world of financial advice and the implementation and monitoring of international projects.


Comment développer votre commerce aux E.A.U. ?

Depuis des années nous avons établis un réseau sécurisé et de confiance aux Emirats Arabes Unies. Aujourd'hui nous pouvons vous proposer de vous accompagner dans vos démarches pour l'intégration du marché des Emirats Arabes Unies.
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