Work in Qatar and Unit Emirates Arabe

By becoming an FT Consultant you entrust your potential.

Acquired over many years of study and during the many hours of work experience makes you unique in its kind. Flake Technology Consulting is fully aware of and committed to offering our employees a followed in applications but also support through out your career. FTConsulting agrees to manage your working environment, on-site logistics, travel, accommodation, etc ... and this is our commitment to work with our clients with confidence.

It is also becoming a member of our network:


Work for a specific company in a time of international renown, participate in the management of business and help create real added value in economic and cultural context different from the West.



Headquarters :   Tour Oxygène - World Trade Center Lyon 10-12 Bvd Vivier Merle 69393 Lyon

Do not hesitate to contact us by sending your documents to the following address:

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