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Flake, from it's English translation, flake, inspired by the snowflake, defined our company Flake Technology Consulting. Under the microscope, each flake has a unique identity and yet with the naked eye, nothing looks more like a snowflake than another.

It is by drawing a parallel with the world of work that I wanted to create this company and give the name of Flake Technology Consulting.

At FTC, every FT Consultant is unique and we take into consideration their environment in order to define with them these best working conditions.


The technology is used in all areas and sectors of activity. At home, technology is part of our daily lives in our Business Intelligence division and our Recruitment Intelligence division.


We seek innovation through new technologies, technology and the application of our knowledge and skills that we put at your service.

FTC ' Divisions

FTC has two separate entities: Business Intelligence and Recruitment Intelligence


B.I. is a division of trading, managing mega international project. In this entity we work with different governments. We had as business the search for a loan against a sovereign guarantee of state, or the opposite can happen, a guarantee of the central bank of a state by a quantity of gold against a long-term loan. The lender (private or public) with this bank guarantee, can introduce it into the trading market and revalue this guarantee with assets that can increase the amount of it. A win / win affair.


R.I. is a division in full development, we participate in the development of golf countries by our French FTConsultants, often engineers and sharp in their field. Today our new partnership will allow us to develop in France.

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